This CR-V is the Highest-Mileage SUV in the world in 2024

February 23rd, 2024 by


Going the distance!


The highest-mileage SUV in the world in 2024? We’ve got you covered! While it may seem unlikely that an SUV can reach this milestone, Honda models have surely delivered! In fact, when it comes to topping one million miles, stand in line behind the CR-V as well as the Chevrolet Suburban and Toyota Highlander Hybrid. Thanks to superbly close attention to detail, including monthly oil changes and careful driving, these SUVs have experienced unreal longevity on the open road.


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For the CR-V, that is especially due in large part to its K24 engine, a key factor in its long-lasting success and known for reliability and ability to withstand high mileage driving. The reason these SUVs keep running — and running — is because these particular manufacturers are renowned for building strong engines. So strong that managing to reach seven figures is a not only a possibility but a reality.


For the CR-V, the path to this milestone is one rooted in the family SUV’s top quality. That is followed by a commitment to continued maintenance, something today’s drivers are clear on, and Honda is undoubtedly supporting. In specific, regular oil changes are a MUST and one of the most vital parts of keeping the engine on a long-term plan. In addition to the oil, filters must also receive extra-special attention, ensuring that dirty oil does not make its way through the engine. In short, oil is the lifeblood in any vehicle!


The CR-V, now considered unstoppable, has stood out due to a number of factors, including engineering excellence, meticulous maintenance and a lack of accidents that keep other cars permanently in park. With this vehicle, it’s more than keeping up with maintenance, it’s about avoiding the constant stopping and starting, with this vehicle reaching the limits for those drivers who had the highest travel miles on the road each day. And, despite what is considered a stock engine, transmission and differential, the CR-V met this startling milestone that most other vehicles can’t even get close to. After all these years, the CR-V still drives perfectly straight with both hands off the wheel.


It boasts an engine considered legendary, although not the best ever made. It is one that squeezes as much performance as possible out of the vehicle and its small footprint. Above all, the engine strength lies in the vehicle’s bullet-proof reliability, capable of a whole lot of abuse, whether it’s from boosting it to more than 600 hp or lasting a million miles or more. The K24, debuting in 2001, has had variations in such cars as the Honda CR-V, the Accord, Civic, Odyssey and even the Acura TSX and TLX. Capable, adaptable and more, this engine is so versatile that it makes its mark both within family cars and on the racetrack.


Despite its wow-factor, this engine is not the only reason the CR-V managed what is such a legendary feat. That is because Honda has held the title of reaching the milestone in vehicles like the 1990 Accord; a 1991 CRX Si and a 2003 Honda Accord V-6. All reached the highest miles even with their stock engines.


The K24 is found in CR-V models from 2001 to 2021, but those with complex technology did not reach the milestone as it has resulted in more failed parts.

Their story….


The feat reached by the CR-V was made clear in many stories of drivers who reached this amazing milestone after many journeys in their trusted vehicle. One family, Joel and Susan Cram of Jefferson County, celebrated their well-traveled CR-V they nicknamed “Lorraine,” which hit one million miles in 2019.


As the story goes, Joel, a traveling salesman, often travels to Nashville, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Lexington and back, thus racking uptake miles. He cites the secret to the success of “Lorraine” regular maintenance. “Change the oil,” he said simply. “Lorraine” has it done every 7,000 miles.


Many similar stories are out there, like Paul and Jennifer of Green County, Ky., whose 19-year-old Dodge Dakota just keeps going and going, racking up well over 500,000 miles.


There are other stories with not such positive outcomes, involving car owners who do not wish to change their oil, thus putting their vehicle’s lifespan in serious jeopardy.


But achieving the milestone of one million miles is certainly cause for celebration, and for Honda, it is another notch in their belt. Rooted in quality and with a commitment by their owners to maintain, maintain, maintain, these cars, especially the CR-V, are achieving great things — and going the distance!