Myths About Ceramic Coatings

May 21st, 2021 by


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When it comes to ceramic coatings, it is important to know both the facts as well as dispel the myths! There are many that swirl around this technology, so it is important to decipher truth from fiction. Start your fact finding here!

The Myths 

Does ceramic coatings make a car rock chip resistant? NO! This is one of the biggest myths when it comes to this technology. While ceramic coatings are very very strong, they are still a very thin shied of protection. For something to truly be rock chip resistant, it needs to be pliable, or soft enough to absorb the impact without causing damage. Rocks, especially those big enough, are going to penetrate even the strongest paint protection film.

Are ceramic coatings chemical resistant? Possibly, but within reason! Due to the hardness of a nano ceramic coating, which helps to protect the clear coating of the paint, such chemicals as degreasers, bug and tar remover slowly eat away at the clear coat. The result is they penetrate the paint and eventually cause damage. By applying a high-quality, durable ceramic coating, the chemicals however will NOT be able to penetrate the 9H coating hardness.

“Car soap be gone! – NO!”

Are ceramic coatings self-healing products? NO! While there are some ceramic coating products that utilize a polymer substance that helps to absorb microscopic scratches, that is done through buffing the coated surface. A self-healing product, like PPF, is designed to heal the damage that is often caused as a result of small rocks, sticks or bird droppings, as well as lightweight road byproducts. It is through heat that the healing is typically activated.

Does ceramic coating make a vehicle fire-proof? NO! While there have been some advertisements touting this myth, it is in fact very, very false! In the test, which speaks to a fire-proof ability, low temperature burning fuel, similar to lighting fluid, was used. That burns very quickly and leaves little time to truly damage the coated surface. Also, it is not heat alone that causes damage and needs protection from, but rather UV exposure. There are some nano ceramic coatings that do protect against heat exposure and UV rays, but that does not make the vehicle fire-proof.

Ceramic coatings last and last and last— they are infinite! NO! Their longevity cannot be predicted! That is because there are several variables outside of the control of most ceramic coating companies. What is true is that nano coatings do not come with warranties for a certain period of time. The longevity of a car’s paint is impacted by such things as prep-work, installation and the quality of the clear coat. Also, with the warranties linked to professionally installed ceramic coatings, there are restrictions. Those restrictions include: completing paint correction services prior to installation; applying certain types of coatings in different amounts; and having customers agree to routine maintenance or proper care visits to the facility post installation.

“Does ceramic coating make a vehicle fire-proof? NO!”

Car wax — no more!! — This one is mostly true! Prior to the application of ceramic coating, it is always recommended to also apply a high-gloss polish on top of the clear coat. This helps to improve the luster and shine of a nano-ceramic coating product. And due to the fact that wax is intended to provide a thin layer of protection, there is simply no need to apply it after a ceramic coating. It is even counterproductive to do so!

This vehicle is scratch proof! — NO, BUT….It is important to differentiate between being scratch resistant and scratch proof! A ceramic coating can indeed help resist scratches but by no means does it make the vehicle scratch proof. By correctly washing a vehicle, however, small scratches can be buffed out with a microfiber cloth.

Ceramic Coating Products are for the lazy ones — NO! This is absolutely incorrect! These types of products are for those consumers who take great pride in their vehicles and want them to look good over time. While those vehicles with ceramic coatings don’t need waxed or polished often, it is still recommended to give it a washing every two weeks.

Car soap be gone! — NO! This is another myth that needs dispelled! Yes, it is true that debris will fall off a vehicle easier if it has ceramic coating, but this doesn’t mean you don’t have to utilize a car or automotive shampoo. It is important to still use a high-quality washing soap every two weeks to help get at the stubborn debris and smaller particles that may accumulate.

Skip the prep work — No! When buying a new car, it is recommended you do not skip the prep work. At the very least, you can guarantee that there will be a small amount of debris or contaminants, even if your brand spanking new car was delivered directly from the factory to your garage. Prep work is vital to the performance and longevity of your ceramic coating product.

Without a doubt, ceramic coating is a way to keep your vehicle much cleaner and much shinier plus provide overall protection. But there are myths that need understood and deciphered. Take the time to fact find and determine what is a myth and what is reality!