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The lighter touch: Introducing Honda Zero


The year is 2026 when Honda will debut its new global electric vehicle series — Honda Zero. The first model, based on a sleek, sedan-like concept called the Saloon, will hit North America Shores in two years, with a boxier, van-type Space-Hub following. Serving to demonstrate Honda’s lighter approach to EV development, these concepts will ride atop a “thin” vehicle architecture with a low floor that accentuates aerodynamics. See what “thin” and “light” translates to when it comes to these concepts.


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Guiding the development of the Honda Zero EV series are three principles — thin, light and wise. Featuring start-from-scratch engineering and boasting a new “H-mark” logo, the exclusive touches are all part of this next-generation of EVs. These models will differ from the large, heavy trucks and SUVs on today’s road, and be featured as smaller, slimmer and more light-weight vehicles.


Sporty through and through, they will be borrowing design cues from the automaker’s Formula 1 racing experience. Optimal battery efficiency is also a goal through the use of e-Axles, which is a system consisting of a motor, inverter and gearbox that converts electric power into energy for driving.


The “Saloon,” the flagship concept model with its sloping fastback shape, is presented with unique rectangular lights in the front and rear and rides extremely low to the ground. A minimalist yet large interior is found here, including Tron-like accents, a single central display, an instrument panel with human-machine interface that enables simple intuitive operations and outside, wheels are presented with pixelated covers.


Sustainable materials are used throughout the inside and out, with this concept also featuring posture control that aids the driver in a variety of situations to realize what is considered the “joy of driving” in the EV era.

The “Space-Hub” with its flexible space that accommodates a variety of passengers looks similar to a minivan with minimal overhangs and a rear light, likened to those found on an Amazon delivery truck. This concept will be presented with a large panoramic moonroof that curves over on the side, creating a greenhouse-like effect. The interior of the Hub features two bench seats that face one another. A rear window is absent in this set up, resulting in drivers most likely having to rely on cameras to view the back.


The New Honda 0 Series, embracing a whole new direction, will be unveiled in addition to the Saloon and Space Hub starting with the North American market in 2026. With new design and a fresh approach embracing the three core principles of thin, light and wise which are reflected in a thin EV platform, wise intelligence within and key engineering philosophies, the series also features automated driving, connected technologies, top performance and battery efficiency.


With a Harmonious Artistic Design dubbed “The Art of Resonance,” elements of the environment, society and users are presented in harmony. This 0 Series also feature Advanced Driver-Assistive System technologies found with Honda SENSING Elite. Advanced AI, sensing,

recognition and driver monitoring technologies is also found here as are Enhanced Aerodynamics Performance and a new level of battery efficiency.


The new Honda “H” Mark, with its long history, will stand for electrified vehicles being launched in this next generation. It will be a mark that signifies the company’s determination to historically transform as well as the ability to pursue new challenges and advancements. Symbolizing literally two outstretched hands, the H mark will be found on all future Honda EV models, including the 0 Series.


How these will be operated is still not yet determined, including whether it will be partially or fully autonomous in terms of driving. Hints of the concept revealed a retractable steering wheel that emerges from the dash when needed.


Within the concepts are advanced driver-assist features that are based on Honda’s Sensing platform. A Level 2 system, this means that drivers with the Honda Sensing still need to pay attention and are legally liable for the car’s operation.


These concepts will join what is a small amount thus far of Honda’s global EV offerings. But plans are to grow this area with Honda aiming for 30 new EVs by 2030 with 2 million units sold, 100 percent zero-emission auto sales by 2040 and complete carbon neutrality for all products and corporate activities by 2050.


“The mobility we dream of is not an extension of the trend of ‘thick, heavy, but smart EVs,” Toshihiro Mibe, Global CEO of Honda, explained. “We will create a completely new value from zero based on thin, light and wise as the foundation for our new Honda O EV series to further advance the joy of freedom of mobility to the next level.”


This 0 Series serves to symbolize how Honda is making major changes by developing a new EV series from “zero.” Further advancing the M/M concept and the joy of driving, this series will begin in North America then be followed by Japan, Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and South America. Thin, light and wise — see what’s in store with this series in the years ahead!