Honda establishing EV Hub in Ohio

April 19th, 2024 by


Buckeye bound!


The news is exciting for the Buckeye State and for Honda’s investment in EVs! The leading automaker has announced a critical move – it will be establishing an EV Hub in the state of Ohio, which will lead to EV production in all of North America! Due to open in 2025, this central Ohio manufacturing facility turned EV hub speaks to the future with Honda officially beginning EV production in Anna, Ohio, considered the cornerstone of Honda’s North American operations. Keep in mind the automaker is targeting 100 percent zero emissions vehicle sales by 2040. This is giant a step in that direction!


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What we know!


This move isn’t the first time Ohio and Honda have been linked! The automaker was the first Japanese company in 1982 to manufacture cars in the United States. In specific, it built the Accord in Marysville, Ohio, and it has continued doing so ever since.


Honda is now making a shift, reconfiguring three of its most important plants, Marysville, East Liberty and Anna, to make EV batteries and EV components. All of this change and forward development is part of a staggering over $700–million investment Honda is making to turn its Central Ohio operations into an EV manufacturing hub.


The Marysville plant, which also makes the Acura TLX and Acura Integra, has been simplified from two manufacturing lines to one. Meanwhile, Honda is retooling the second line to produce its self-developed EVs, as well as any excess ICE models.


The Marysville plant, which is gearing up for the start of EV production in 2025, will also include a new secondary area for Intelligent Power Unit assembly, which is a critical component to the vehicle as it houses the EVs power electronics and battery. Once complete, it will supply these devices also to the other side of the Marysville plant, and its forthcoming EV operations at East Liberty, Ohio. The plant there currently makes the Honda CR-V, among others, and is also undergoing alterations to handle EVs. To that end it is gaining key upgrades to its overhead conveyor system to handle extra weight, which is beneficial for building EVs and their hefty battery packs.


New machinery will also be gained in Anna in order to create the IPU assembly cases used in Honda’s EVs.


And not only is this a sizable investment, but it will also result in job creation, with Honda expected to hire 300 associates for its Ohio EV hub.


Beyond the production of EVs at MAP and ELP, the EV Hub will serve as a location for those new Honda associates to develop further knowledge and expertise in EV production that will be shared across the automaker’s North American auto production network moving forward, thus setting the standard for Honda production of EVs both nationally and worldwide.


“The establishment of our EV Hub is not simply an investment in retooling and equipment, we are investing in the Honda associates who will be taking on new responsibilities to lead us into the electrified future,” Bob Nelson, executive vice president of American Honda Motor Co. Inc, said. “Our EV Hub in Ohio is playing an essential and strategic role for the evolution of EV production at Honda, in North America and globally.”


And while the future is uncertain when it comes to EVs, some stand behind its profitability, thus making this shift make complete sense for Honda.


“We are building our supply chain to be competitive,” Mr. Nelson continued. “We believe the efficiency of our production will allow us to achieve our competitiveness.”


With this new strategy, Honda will now have the flexibility to produce both internal combustion engine (ICE) and EVs on the same line at MAP, which is its first auto production facility in America, giving the automaker a key advantage in their ability to quickly respond to a shifting market demand.

Specific changes!


At the Marysville Auto Plant, a variety of key changes will take place in the startup of the EV production and sub-assembly of the PIU. Those changes include line consolidation, IPU sub-assembly, and Upskilling.


At the Anna Engine Plant, where everything from engines and engine components, transmissions, high tech CVT components and more are made, high-pressure die casting will take place thanks to a new die cast machine that is over 31 feet tall; friction stir welding will occur as well as the creation of a space for production of the IPU.


At the East Liberty Auto Plant, which will produce EVs in a single production line, they will be strengthening their overhead conveyors that carry vehicles through the plant as well as expand the verify software-dependent vehicle functions.

Other fun facts!


In other key moves yet separate from this investment, Honda is planning a more than 2 million square feet joint venture with L-H Battery Co., located in central Ohio. This will result in the automaker having US EV manufacturing and US battery manufacturing, two key prerequisites for its models to qualify for any IRA purchase tax credit incentives. Hiring is under way for the plant, and the facility recently enclosed the exterior structure. Honda and LG Energy have

committed a $3.5 billion investment in the new JV facility, with the overall investment projected to reach $4.4 billion. The facility is expected to be complete by the end of 2024.


While it is uncertain what names or specifications are planned for the Ohio models, it is clear that they will be built on Honda’s own self-developed platform.


In this exciting shift, which will include Honda’s preparation to accelerate EV production, there are multiple other benefits, including the EV Hub in Ohio serving to establish the expertise and experience for EV production that will be shared across the world. Buckeye bound and prepared for the future, this investment will surely play a key role in Honda’s electrified future!