Mechanics 101: Brakes and Rotors


Stop. Look. and Listen!


Perhaps one of the most important functions of your vehicle — the brakes — represents an area that you should remain vigilant and watchful for when it comes to their replacement and repair. They serve a vital function and like many aspects of your vehicle, experience wear over time. It is in every driver’s best interest t ensure they are functioning properly. There are signs to look for and timing is everything…

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2019 Honda CR-V Vs. 2019 Nissan Rogue


Blazin’ trails — battle of the compact SUVs. 


See which one takes the lead!


There’s no doubt that these compact SUVs — the Honda CR-V and the Nissan Rogue —are among the best-selling passenger vehicles in the country, but which one is truly blazing trails when it comes to comfort, efficiency, practicality and stand-out features? See their advantages, disadvantages and how safety and reliability measure up. Both come with a variety of strong selling points, but…

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2019 Honda Accord vs. 2019 Toyota Camry


America’s preferred family sedans face off — See how they measure up in the battle for the top spot! 


While each are considered the best-selling and most respected car in the world in the midsize market, there are ways in which the 2019 Honda Accord and the 2019 Toyota Camry do in fact differ. See how they measure up and which vehicle would be the best fit for you and your family. Side by side…

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It’s a skill that is essential for drivers of all ages — changing a flat tire! And it is also a situation most drivers will find themselves in at one time or another. Having the knowledge of what to do is indispensable, especially when you are on the open road alone or need to get somewhere fast and your tire goes flat. It is also a crucial skill to have when time is of the…

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A Welcome Addition…. Google Maps is now available for Apple CarPlay


The news just got better when it comes to the navigation options in your vehicle. The most popular navigation map, Google Maps is now supported by Apple CarPlay, which means that iPhone users can now navigate with Google Maps directly from their vehicle’s built-in display. This experience is worth its weight in gold and the benefits to this new addition are numerous. With Google maps, drivers now have the ability to navigate to search…

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Mind your maintenance — Honda has you covered!



What is Honda Maintenance Minder? With the cue of a lighted wrench on your dashboard, Honda has your back when it comes to your vehicle’s maintenance schedule with Maintenance Minder, easy reminders that speak to safety and convenience.

 Honda’s Maintenance Minder expertly notifies you when your vehicle needs serviced, measuring and recording sensor readings at various points to determine the optimal time for that service. 


Here’s more….


Since your vehicle’s oil…

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Tire Maintenance Tips


Protecting your Wheels!


Tips to Maintain Your Tires — When it comes to protecting the four wheels that get you from point A to point B, there are tried and true tips that not only ensure a safer commute, but help extend the life of your tires. Knowing that any kind of problem — from a pesky flat to tread separation — can be a colossal hassle, take the time at least once a month to make sure…

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Why choose a crossover — Allow us to give you 5 GOOD Reasons


As the crossover, or compact SUV, segment has realized substantial growth and popularity, they are also stronger and more capable. As a result, the reasons to choose one for you and your family’s needs are abundant to list. While many center on the desire to ride higher on today’s roads to be in a position of command or on the capability to power all four wheels, there are others that speak to safety…

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Distractions be gone — introducing Android Auto


Eyes on the road — that is a given with the help of Android Auto, an easy way to use your phone while in the car and in the safest way possible! Developed in an effort to make motorists even more safe, and their hands on the steering wheel, Android Auto takes all the features you love about your Android-powered smartphone and places them directly on your vehicle’s dashboard. Find out why everyone is becoming…

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2019 Honda CR-V TRIMS

when it comes to selecting one of Honda CR-V's trims, each one boasting unique qualities and a style all its own. See which version of the CR-V is right for you! Whether it's a sporty feel you desire in this compact SUV, or all-out luxury with leather and power adjustable seats, each trim has its own special touches. Come visit us at Jay Honda in Bedford and see what each is all about. Make your selection from one of five trims, and base your pick on your own personal needs. This vehicle is…
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