2022 Honda Civic Prototype

December 4th, 2020 by
2022 Civic Prototype

Exhilaration starts here!

Introducing the 2022 Honda Civic Prototype — set to arrive next spring with more power then ever before and with a design that is all out sporty and daring! From dynamic engine options to an all-new form, this favorite compact car is sure to open the doors to a fantastic driving experience time and time again. Very close to the final production version, the 2022 Honda Civic Prototype has evolved in this 11th generation. It is poised to be presented with better handling, more powerful engine performance, great overall dynamics and superb crash protection. Take a sneak peak into the future!

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2022 Civic Prototype

Inside and out… A tamer design is expected heading into 2022 compared to the overly-styled exterior of the current model. The new Civic will boast a more streamlined grille, a long hood and conventional-looking taillights as opposed to the former C-shaped units. A modern cabin is found within, featuring a larger 9-inch touchscreen and the latest iteration of Honda’s infotainment software. The cabin has also been pushed back thus elongating the hood and giving it a more upscale look and feel.

This vehicle will presented for the first time with a fully digital instrument cluster and an upgraded Honda Sensing safety suite, which comes standard. There will also be wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability and a greater amount of airbags.

Overall, the prototype shows a more formal exterior with fewer curves and an interior that boasts a modern, minimalistic aesthetic. The Civic’s nose is longer and its front overhang has increased about an inch. Chrome is also found on the prototype on the two Honda badges and the Civic badge on the decklid. LED headlamps and taillights are production units and connected by a hard, crisp line that runs the length of the vehicle. It is without a doubt a cleaner design with the current generation’s front fascia that sandwiches the Honda badge between the two chunky lines that run from headlight to headlight.


2022 Civic Prototype

Chock full of power… While no engine details have yet to be released from Honda, the new Civic is sure to offer more power and better fuel efficiency. It is likely that Honda will continue offering the turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine throughout the lineup. This brings forth a standard 174 hp and 162 lb-ft of torque. It is still unclear whether or not the base 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine will survive the redesign.

Body styles/trims… When it comes to body styles and trims, some will stay and others will continue into 2022. The Civic Coupe is gone for certain due to slow sales and shifting customer preferences. The sedan is solid moving into 2022 as is the Civic Si. The Civic Hatchback will continue as the top choice for those buyers looking for strong performance and ample cargo space. The Type R will also move forward into 2022, and is known for providing thrills with each and every drive. There is a chance the hot hatch will eventually go hybrid! Trim levels for the 2022 Civic will vary and likely to follow suit with the current lineup consisting of the LX, Sport, EX, EX-L and Touring models. The prototype reveals a vehicle that has similar dimensions as the current model with the exception of a longer wheelbase which results in an increase roominess in the rear.

All in all, this prototype retains the athletic vibe that drivers have come to enjoy. It is also a significantly more mature and conventional design than the current model.

The cost While the pricing has not yet been unveiled for 2022, Honda has promised it will not change drastically from the current model. That means that the new sedan would exceed $21,755 and the Is would top out at about $26,155. The new Civic hatchback would hover around or above $22,955. All in all, this is a great value for what promises to be a spectacular vehicle! It is also the brand’s most affordable entry point!

“From dynamic engine options to an all-new form, this favorite compact car is sure to open
the doors to a fantastic driving experience
time and time again.”

Safety first The new Civic will receive an upgraded Honda Sensing Suite of advanced driver-assistance safety technology in addition to the new airbags. Currently, the 2021 Civic comes standard with forward collision warning, lane departure warning as well as collision and road departure mitigation systems.

More info… Considered the best-seller in the compact sedan segment and also the most popular in Honda’s lineup, the Civic in this next generation will continue to be built between Honda’s two plants in North America. One is in Greensburg, Indiana, and the other in Alliston, Ontario, Canada. The new-generation Civic hatchback will for the first time be built in the United States at the Greensburg factory. A more mature, upscale next-gem Civic is hoped to appeal to today’s young drivers!

Highlights of the prototype….

  • This is one of the most handsome Honda Civics out there!
  • Prototype previews the production version
  • Bye Bye Coupe, but hatch confirmed
  • Si and Type R already confirmed
  • This is the sleekest Civic interior thus far!

An ultra-sophisticated compact featuring a totally new design, this new Civic is considered to embody evolutionary design as opposed to revolutionary. Bold looks, better tech and more safety, the 2022 Civic prototype is representative of the production car that will arrive early next year. This vehicle, which rides on the same platform as the current model, will have all-new styling for the exterior and interior, resulting in a sleeker compact sedan. Exhilaration starts here. See what this prototype is all about!