2019 Honda Accord vs. 2019 Toyota Camry

May 23rd, 2019 by

19 Accord vs 19 Camry

America’s preferred family sedans face off — See how they measure up in the battle for the top spot!

While each are considered the best-selling and most respected car in the world in the midsize market, there are ways in which the 2019 Honda Accord and the 2019 Toyota Camry do in fact differ. See how they measure up and which vehicle would be the best fit for you and your family. Side by side, both continue to hold a long rivalry as well as a strong reputation, and this year, they are at their best! See which one is better between the two — you decide!

Exterior style

Identical in size, the Camry and the Accord each fall directly in line with most of the midsize sedan segment. Big enough to be roomy and comfortable for four, the vehicles are still compact enough to make maneuverability a breeze and not take up too much garage space. As for which one holds the greater appeal on the outside, it comes down to personal preference. The Camry boasts a bold and sporty look, while the Accord is more conservative, but with interesting lines that catch the eye. Honda’s corporate aesthetic is made clear in the Accord’s sloping roof line while the Camry is presented with different trims that can change the car’s look.

A look inside

Even on the inside, the similarities are made clear in the Accord and Camry in terms of space and overall comfort. Both vehicles have five seats and can seat four adults comfortably. Three people can fit in back, although it is a bit tight. High-end materials on both vehicle’s interior are appealing, although on the lower-end Camry’s, they can fall short. The Accords longer wheelbase allows for an extra 2.4 cubic feet space in the interior cabin, which means more leg room, but it is lacking in headroom, while the Camry’s rear cabin features slightly less legroom and better headroom.Also inside, the Accord’s cabin is well laid out and expertly engineered. Everything is positioned as it should and within an easy reach. It is also sophisticated in its design while the Camry’s quality of interior is not always universal across the line up.

Their power

The engines of each of these vehicles have their own bragging rights and differ in performance, specifically between the hybrid variants. The Accord Hybrid has more power and torque than the Camry Hybrid by a significant margin, but the Camry Hybrid leads the way in efficiency. As for the higher-performing conventional engines, the Camry’s available V6 boasts more power than the 2.0-liter turbo four on the Accord. But the Honda has a bit more torque.

Also key to note is that the Camry is only available with an automatic transmission, while the Accord is offered with a 6-speed manual transmission with either of the non-hybrid engines, with the manual only available in the Sport trim. For those enthusiasts who desire shifting gears, the Accord Sport is the best choice. But no choice is bad when it comes down to the base engines of these vehicles, with both allowing for a pleasing blend of performance and fuel economy.

19 Accord vs 19 Camry

Compare technology

Both vehicles feature a large infotainment screen with various touch controls and buttons. The difference is in position with the Accord’s floating atop the dash while the Camry’s is integrated into the center stack. It’s all a matter of driver preference here!

At a glance, the Camry’s infotainment system appears to be more unified with the interior design, but functionally the Accord wins out in that it is far more innate. Some may find the Camry’s control layout, both physical and digital, a bit confusing. In other areas of technology, only the Accord offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In comparison, Toyota offers a downloadable suite of apps developed in-house. These apps run on your phone and projects onto your infotainment screen. Both cars offer Wi-Fi hotspots on the higher trims. Full color digital screens in the Honda are considerably larger than the Camry, with both being controlled by steering wheel buttons that are both similarly easy to navigate.

Safety first

In the area of safety, both the Camry and Accord have similar features standard on all models that speak to a variety of safety measures. Those include lane departure warning, lane keeping, forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise control. But when you truly compare, the Honda system is far more advanced than the Toyota, specifically in the lane keeping feature. Toyota’s system will make use enough of a steering correction to keep you from leaving your lane, while Honda’s system aids in steering the car into corners and centers in its lane to some degree on straight roads. Honda’s system is also much more consistent in recognizing the lanes. Similarly, both cars provide other safety perks like blind-spot monitoring, rear-view cameras and optional parking seniors.

Keeping passengers in mind

When it comes time to install car seats, both the vehicles are comparable, with the Accord holding only a slight advantage in its addition rear leg room. That results in more space for a buddy rear-facing seat, without giving up front-seat legroom. Anchors in the Camry are much easier to find and attach a seat to, with both vehicles placing the anchor for the top tether far back behind the headrests. Only Honda’s is slightly easier to to see.

When it comes to hauling cargo, instead of passengers, the Accord stands out a bit more than the Camry, with a pass-through in the folding rear seat-backs that is noticeably larger. For bigger items, both cars require you to release the rear seats with handles in the trunk and then walk around the sides of the car to manually fold down the seat-backs. Both have sizable trunks, with the Accord’s being slightly more spacious and deeper by about 1-2 cubic feet.

If you are thinking about purchasing a new sedan, compare the Camry and Accord and see how they stack up in the area of space, specs and safety. The two vehicles have long been rivals as well as the popular choice of drivers for decades. They are fresh from recent upgrades, reliable and have features that speak to overall value and performance. See how they measure up and which one is right for you!